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Seasonal Reports
Pepper Seasonal Report 2016 - 2017
Aided by the production increase in the major producing countries like India, Vietnam and Srilanka global pepper markets supplies are estimated to be higher by around 9000 MT this season compared to last season.
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Coriander Seasonal Report 2016 - 17
Coriander crop acreage remains a mixed bag in the three major production states. With farmers shifting to alternate crops for want of remunerative prices and climate on its part playing its role reducing the yield as well as quality Indian coriander production is estimated to be less by 8% and the closing stocks for 2017-2018 lowest in 4 years has set the upside trend in prices
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Chilli Seasonal Report 2016 - 2017
Chilli prices having traded high yielding good returns for farmers last season, producers went in for large scale planting of chilli. A significant jump in area in the principal producing state of Andhra by nearly 54% and literally no damages during the month of December 2016 when cyclone hits the chilli growing regions the markets are flushed with material for farmers dumping material leading to deep slide in prices.
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Small Cardamom Seasonal Report 2016 - 2017
Higher temperature and less pre monsoon showers during the flowering season across the main growing belts declined the crop prospects for this season. This is no way to different to Guatemala where the production is expected to decline due to soaring temperatures and 30% less rain.
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Turmeric Seasonal Report 2016 - 2017
Thanks to surge in area and supportive weather across major turmeric growing regions with exception of TN and Karnataka area has increased by 17% which has translated into higher production. Higher production is neutralised with low carryover stocks making the overall availability lowest in the last four years.
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Chana Seasonal Report 2014 - 2015
Indian Jeera production for the crop year 2012-13 is expected to be 19% less compared to last year production of 3,60,000 Tonnes.

Jeera production for the crop year 2012-13 has declined due to decline in acreage in the parts of Gujarat (Rajkot and Jamnagar) and Rajasthan (Jodhpur, Barmer and Jalore). Heavy rains across the Rajasthan during the maturity period (Jan) have damaged the crop up to 15-20%.

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Cumin (Jeera) Seasonal Report 2014 - 2015
India cumin production for the crop year 2014-15 is estimated to be around 284 thousand tonnes as against the historic high production of 402 thousand tonnes in 2013-14.Decline in acreage under cumin is the main factor behind the drop in production. Overall supply is higher than the last four years average supply of 416 thousand tonnes. So during the peak arrival season Apr-May prices are likely to be in a range.
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